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The Alarm Clock

Its late at night, and you're right about at the point where you are falling asleep, but you keep being awoken by a soft thump each time you shut your eyes for more then 10 minutes. It doesn't bother you at first, but you begin to really get annoyed at 5th time. And this hasn't been the first night its happened. For a good week this has happened and every night after it persists long enough to the point that it annoys you you usually get up and turn on the light, and it goes away for the rest of the night. But tonight you decided to ride through it.

Thump Thump...

Oh how annoying it is to your ears and your that this noise just won't go away. You roll to your side, then your back and then finally get comfortable. Your almost asleep, and once more you hear it.

Thump Thump...

This time you are so tired you just open your eyes to see the darkness around you. And you scan your room, looking at all the things that could be making the noise, finally your eyes rest on your alarm clock. The numbers are particularly brighter then normal, and you can't read them...They are also getting closer. Did they just blink? You finally realize, that that isn't your alarm clock, because your alarm clock doesn't have a macabre smile.

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