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Wily as a coyote

Do any of you know how to deal with supernatural/psychic attacks?

Let me summarize one of the weirdest stories for you. It's utterly ridiculous, but the outcome is quite alarming

My friend is a budding psychic. She always thought she was going crazy, until I pointed out that the things she's experiencing were textbook ghost encounters. Since then, I've helped her along, and her ability to 'see' ghosts have been staggering. She's never been to my house before, and dropped by one night to talk. We talked on the stairs, and she kept looking back to the side of the house. She said there was a woman screaming at her. A redhead. Heather (my friend) said that, when she 'read' the spirit, she was getting that the spirit knew me. Someone from my past. It was a redheaded woman, and she kept getting images of high school. There was someone at high school I was extremely close with. I always coined our connection as soulmates, for lack of a more defined term to explain why we always had this bizarre strong electricity between us. Anyway, the girl from my high school is named Guadalupe. Guadalupe has been trying to get into my house for years, but can't because my dad put up these protective crosses over each doorway. She kept screaming at Heather on the stairs because she thought Heather was my girlfriend, and at some point, tried pushing her down them. I can't see ghosts, but I can sense them, usually when they're behind me. Because Guadalupe never got close to me, I couldn't sense her. The most important bit of information that Heather told me was that Guadalupe is not a ghost. She's astral projecting and jealous as all hell

Following night, Heather and I were talking on the phone, when she said that Guadalupe was outside my window, the one that's 2 floors up, crying and peering inside. At the time, that window was facing the computer, where I was at that moment. Heather didn't know that. She was floating in the air, and after I asked Heather if she saw a silver cord around her, which is textbook for most astral projectionists, Heather did see one. It had some black threads in it too. I was a little alarmed by this, but since I can't see any of this, I was skeptical. The only way was to try and sense her. I sent some of my energy through the window, and she came in. There was a familiar, warm energy on the other side. Anyway, she got inside the house. She comes and goes from the house nightly now, whereas before she couldn't get in the front door. She managed to piggyback inside on my energy.

Heather, Arianne (another friend) and I deal with ghosts a lot. There's craploads of spirits in Heather's apartment, which are always passing through, and I told them to start wearing hematite rings and jewelry, for hemetite absorbs psychic/spiritual attack. Shortly afterwards, Heather and Arianne notice that their rings kept breaking. This was the afternoon after she was with me the previous night. I didn't understand how this was possible, since astral projection is what happens when you're unconscious, yet Guadalupe's doing it around the clock. We ask Zebadiah, who's Heather's guardian angel, who we communicate with through the ouija board. You've never met a more articulate spirit than Zeb, and he's aware of so much. He says that Guadalupe is in a coma. She's been in one the last year, the result of a childbirth trauma that killed the baby. Her boyfriend cheated on her a lot, and she's developed this hatred of all women. She's going after Heather and Arianne because I was on the phone with them. And...she's going after the females on my top 8 on MySpace, and women in my journal. He literally spelled out M-Y-S-P-A-C-E. Most of the incidents are minor, the board said, just things like internet problems or phone problems. The girl who's my #4 verified she's been having internet problems lately, I found out later. But Heather and Arianne are getting the worst of it.

So I needed to have a talk with Guadalupe, who's in my house every single night. I feel her around, warm loving energy. She's waiting in my bed a couple of times, wanting to cuddle (or the spiritual version of cuddling). It really does feel like I'm not alone, and the bed moved once, like someone tapping it with their hand, as if to invite me in. Normally this would be freaky, but since I can feel the familiarity of her energy and it's all loving, it's acceptable. It's strange, but I don't know how to deal with it, this trapped figure who can't wake up and who has nowhere else to go, who's filled with anger and bitterness. I had a couple of talks with her, expressing my feelings, how I'm glad she's back, how I've missed her since high school, but she has to stop fucking with my friends. Please, stop, or else, I'm going to start shutting you out, stop letting you in my house. For a couple days it was alright, but she's going after Arianne. In the last couple days, Arianne's had 2 of her hematite necklaces break, and one hematite ring. They just snap in half, and hematite does not break easily. Zebadiah says she's crazy and that I should start ignoring her again, and I kind of have been the last 2 days. Ignoring her might work, logically, since she's been projecting to me for a long time and I didn't know it until recently, and all this time, she's had no impact on my life until I let her in, but it's the fact that I let her in that I'm sure that she won't leave or won't back down. She's obsessed with me. Zeb says she follows me around all day, monitoring my computer time and phone time and who I'm talking with.

It all seems rather far-fetched, except, I can totally sense when Guadalupe's around. Her energy is far unlike anything I've felt before, and it's warm, loving energy and almost comforting, just how it was back in high school. And the hematite breaking is weird. Also, Heather's seeing a white shape in her boyfriend's bathroom, and says it's not a ghost. She's being messed with, and so is Arianne. Ari's really scared, for Lupe messes with her often when Arianne's asleep, Zeb says. How can one be stalked by a living coma-bound spirit? How do you deal with that? Zeb says she's in San Francisco. I'm in Los Angeles. I wonder if it's worth a drive up north to see if there's any truth to this.

It's all strange and nutty and if I was hearing this from someone else, I'd have my reservations too. There's been a couple ghost pictures too, one of a very creepy thing in the closet. The picture kind of vanished a few days later, and the negatives are missing too. The thing in the picture was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen on film, and if it's found, I'll scan it and post it here

That being said, do you know how to deal with supernatural/psychic attacks besides hematite or jade?
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