Mermaid Niki (kiwitrip) wrote in spookylegends,
Mermaid Niki

RARE Lippy, Ruby Gloom, Emily, Tripp, Cyber, Romatigoth, Punk, and MORE

Hey everyone, Most things are sizes Small and Medium and can fit a bust of 32B, 34C, or 36B. The coats are both larges and can fit up to a 38D. Some things are tiny enough for a 32A. If something looks GREY it is probably BLACK. Many are BRAND NEW and have never been worn. Some have been loved.

Post or email me for specific details. I can get measurements, more pictures, etc. I am accepting best offers right now. I will try to have a list of details available about each item in the next 2 or 3 days.

Only 40 items left, snag them while you can!
AND... GO!
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