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EVP 101

So in watching far too many hours of the Ghost Hunters marathon on SciFi, I got to wondering about Electronic Voice Phenomena; the Wiki entry left it rather up in the air, so I was wondering what some of the leading theories were that EVP supporters had for exactly why these sounds can be picked up on electronic equipment, even though the living ear misses out on them.

Obviously, the actual recording medium is moot since it works on both digital "virtual" recorders as well as magnetic tape and all. The microphone should, I would think, be moot, since an eardrum should be able to vibrate just as well as a microphone's membrane. That really just leaves the wiring between the microphone and the data-recording part, which I don't think would/could/should pick up on such things, unless one can mundanely (with equipment and all) emit electromagnetic fields that would properly "translate" as sound the microphone could've picked up.

Any guesses? Other than "accept the miracle and move on", of course.

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