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Crescent Hotel

A few months ago, my fiance and I took a vacation in the Ozark Mountains. While be-bopping about the town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, we discovered they offered several ghost tours. We decided on the one at The Crescent Hotel, not realizing it was the hotel featured on a Ghost Hunters episode that I had seen, and that had since left me awake many nights with chilling visions of the apparition they caught on film. With the thermal imaging camera, they captured very clearly the ghost of a man standing in front of a locker with the number "2" on it. He was wearing a cap and holding some sort of tool. He didn't act threateningly or anything; it was just scary because it was so vivid and so real.

The hotel has a colorful history. The most interesting fact is that it was used as a "cancer cure center" where a crazed fake Dr. Baker performed guesome experiments on patients.

We didn't catch any faces or forms of ghost like we did at The Myrtles, but we got plenty of orbs!

This is us waiting for the tour to begin. There is a very faint orb to the left of the picture. It seems to have a streak,as though traveling downward. Not that exciting, I know. But it gets better.

The hallways were full of orbs! Check out the HUGE one at the top.

This one was taken from the stairs. Check out the large one following the woman walking down the hall.

You can see some orbs to the left of this one.

And a big one at the top of this door.

There's a very faint one one on the right side of this hallway. It appears to be walking down the intersecting hallway.

The most prominent one in this picture is on the skylight, but I also see some faint ones on the red wall and ceiling, as well.

As we left, David took a picture of me standing on the steps. Check out the giant orb on the balcony, to the left. When the facility was used as a girls school, a girl fell to her death off of that balcony. Rumor has it, she was pushed.

No orbs in this one. I just wanted to show the famed #2 locker. I'm pretend-hugging the ghost that haunts my mind on sleepless nights.

If you want to know more about the Crescent Hotel, go here.
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