golden_crane (golden_crane) wrote in spookylegends,

Hello and Bright Greetings

Ok So I think I joined this group a while ago and I apologise if I've never posted my greeting or anything to that effect... I have been so preoccupied with updating my webpages and adjusting to the fact that I actually have had something constructive to do the past few months but at anyrate I have been keeping busy.. If its ok I'd like to share with you my somewhat forthcoming progress... I say it this way simply because my main webpage has come a long way from its humble beginnings but still has a long path ahead of it before any real progress can come into play.... if you are interested in checking it out... and yes it is "paranormal" related.....although there may be a few items such as stories or pictures that are meant to poke fun of the "paranormal" its all in good jest really.... but here is the link if your interested.....

Please do check it out and lemme know what you think of it.....
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