kismegreeneyes (kismegreeneyes) wrote in spookylegends,

3 nights ago...

ok 3 nights ago i went to bed,(dugh) anyways i was a sleep for about a hour. Then i woke up just like that i didn't get out of bed or anything, but i looked at the bathroom door, (my side of the bed faces it)and a manish figure walked out of it. "He" walked at the foot of our bed, not on it just at the bottom, and stood up on top our dog kennel. This kennel is about 2 maybe 3 foot tall. i knew he wasnt really there, because if it was real the kennel would have fell over and Sassy, our boxer, would have started to bark.
*So i was wondering if i was half way awake, or if it was really "something" there? The house was built in 1918 so i was aware of "ghostly" things happing. But we have lived there in Aug. it will be 3 years, and this is the first weird thing to have happed.
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