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Just Wondering

my cousin and his wife had just bought a house in September, i believe.(Tina his wife's sister and her 1 year old lives with them too) And just in the past few weeks things have been haping, for instance, a week or two ago tina was in the tub taking a bath about 11:00pm, and the cabinet, over the sink, door just popped open. Then Jimmy, my cousin, went upstairs and his touch lamp was on, (you know the type that comes on if you touch it) any who. He said that the next day it was on again. Now he said that he cut every light off before he came down the stairs. So he asked Tina if she had been upstairs earlier in the day and she said no. Then a day or two later Tina was taking a shower about the same time again. and the medicine cabinet came open. Now Jimmy asked the older man that lives next to him if anyone has ever died in that house. and he said out of the 30some years he has lived there no.
so what i was wondering does it always have to be some one that has died in a house for a house to become hunted, or what not. Or could it be "something" that had latched on to one of them. ok how weird does that one sound.
i tried to tell him that it might not be the house. You never know what was on that land before that house was built. i was just looking for some help.
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