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Follow up

I wrote this post about a month ago. The instance of the ghostly house, and the creepy vibes that encroaching upon us.

Below the cut tag is a follow up. Cut and pasted from a recent post in my journal.

After the girls were in bed and Alvin left to go home, Orey and I sat around and sought distracting thoughts. I brought up the ghost thing. Heather's a high sensitive, but Orey's stronger than she is. I know he's got amazing power, but I never knew the extent of it because he doesn't like talking about it and he's usually fucked up in some capacity. For instance, earlier, Heather had brought up the ghost in the hallway, and Orey not only knew about him, he even had a name for him and knew his entire M.O. That he was a drama queen type ghost, who just liked to scare people, but was really a weak spirit. He's come into the apartment a few times, and Orey's seen him when he wasn't aware that he could be seen, and saw how insecure the spirit really was. Once the ghost noticed Orey could see him, he inflated himself like a puffer fish and tried to spook him, but Orey wasn't biting. He just didn't give him any power, and the spirit quickly left. Orey then told me that all spirits are that way, mostly. Only the screwed up spirits stick around. People who are well adjusted, spiritual, more directed, etc., kind of move on after they die. Only the scatterbrained or confused linger. As a result, most ghosts were weak in life, and ones, if you met them before they died, you'd probably think the worst of or not respect.

But it also depends on your thoughts when you die. For instance, if your thoughts as you're emerging from your body is, "are my cats well fed", and they're not, then you'll linger around because you feel that they should be fed. You might go to the grocery and get frustrated that you can't buy food. You'll get angry at other living people for not caring about your cats. Your issues become too strong a crusade for you to just drop.

Orey's only 19, but he knows a hella lot about this stuff. He was born with a powerful gift/curse, and he's utilized it well. He talks to spirits. Most of the time, they just want someone to talk to. He advises everybody to do the same. These lost souls just want to tell their story. So he listens, tries to help them let go. Some he's succeeded with, some he hasn't. I asked him how often he's aware of ghosts. He told me 24 hours a day. There's not an hour that goes by where he doesn't see or hear something. Considering the age and history of this land, people have died everywhere and their spirits are around. He hears them constantly. They ramble continuously about their death, or woeful tale, or whatever emo thing. He doesn't always see them, but he hears them. Everywhere. I asked him if pot helps subdue the effect. He said yes. Pretty much, he smokes out so much because he has to. He loves pot, he loves growing pot, he loves the beauty of the plant, but the plant is very useful for him. Pot helps keep the voices out. Booze doesn't.

Then we started talking about Alvin's house. Orey confirmed that the stairs are a target area, and it's mainly the photograph at the top. Of the grandparents. He also confirmed that the grandmother is still there, but mostly in her room. Heather says she's mostly downstairs. Orey's is hardly ever there, so maybe he doesn't know the change in her habits. He says that she's there because she's watching the family. She's concerned about the grandkids. She's in love with Mayra's son, Max. She's concerned about Alvin and how he wastes all his time, but is glad he's going to be working soon. She's concerned about the parents, concerned about the fish and dog even! She's a caretaker, and her worries continued after death. I asked Orey about the father. Alvin's father knows everything. He knows about the grandmother, and why she's here, and tries his best to ease her passing, but knows that he has no power over her. Orey's had a nice chat with the grandmother one time.

Then he told me about the Nazi. There's a non-familial ghost in the house of a German officer. He was a former high-powered officer, who was used to getting respect and people feared him. Now, in death, he finds that he's really missing the respect and fear. He's the evil presence in the house. He tries to get people afraid. He lives off their fear. He's probably the one who would pull the chains. All the evil, harmful vibes in the house come from him.

But I don't know about all that. Orey thinks he knows all the spiritual energy in the house, but I think there's more there than he knows. Heather used to get tripped on the stairs a lot. Something would grab her ankle and she'd barely avoid hurting herself. Now, the grandmother doesn't really like all of us as a group, since she feels that we're bad influence on Alvin, but doesn't bear us any grudges when we're alone. I don't think she would have attempted to hurt Heather. Heather's felt much anger against her in the house, and says that Alvin's relatives bear her grief because of her race. They don't like the fact that Alvin's dating a white girl, and occassionally fooling around in his room with her. I didn't ask Orey about the thing in the yard, but he might not have been aware of it since he doesn't go back there. There just seems to be more darkness going on at Alvin's house than just a Nazi ghost.

I sort of wonder if it's the ghost Alvin and I accidentally summoned one time when we used the ouija board. My guardian spirit, Minnie (long story), kind of attacked a spirit, and it wanted to get back at her and was willing to come through us to get her. Alvin's guardian, Joy (long story), defended both of us, since Minnie had ditched me at that time (long story). Well, for a week, we all kept hearing weird noises, mostly inside the house. Other people heard them too. The last day of that week, a door slammed by itself so hard that it woke Alvin's aunt up from a nap...on the second floor. There was like 8 of us at the house and we all kind of hesitantly walked over to see what happened and not understanding. Alvin's already blocked the experience out of his mind because these things frighten him, but I remember. That was about 13 years ago, and I wonder if that thing is still in the house. Or maybe it was this dark demon-spirit thing a bunch of us unintentionally summoned a year later through the board. It appeared in Jack's room upstairs, which is currently Alvin's room. This thing was so dark and evil that I couldn't even be in the same room with it. But I thought it had left right afterwards. Maybe it didn't. Or maybe there was just some other spirit that was there before the house was built.

Finally, we talked about Glendora. Glendora is built over an Indian graveyard. A couple small cities in that area are all built over it, including a Walmart. Glendora, Orey said, is full of spooks. It's everywhere. Like, every tree seems to be a part of the ghostly phenomenon. It's practically coming up from the earth itself. LA isn't that bad at all by comparison. It's like a Zima compared to a shot of Everclear, which is Glendora. The Walmart has a peculiar sensation. He can't get a reading off it. It's either hardly haunted, or haunted so vastly that it's hard to dissect. He's inclined to think the latter.
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